Vasiliy Gryaznov

Vasily Gryaznov during his own lifetime was widely known among the surrounding population not only as a manufacturer, but also for his charitable deeds. For many years, he was the head of the Pavlovsky-Posadsky Resurrection Cathedral. Interior of the church was decorated and a new iconostasis was created at the expense of his and I. I. Labzin’s funds. V.Gryaznov was awarded a gold medal from the Moscow Diocese for this activity. Having become a 1st guild merchant, V. Gryaznov did not change his way of life - serving God and his neighbors. He managed to combine a high spiritual and rich material principles. V. Gryaznov considered it his duty to help the poor. The factory had an almshouse for 60 people and a hospital. The factory funded several schools.

V.I. Gryaznov was acquainted with Philaret, metropolitan of Moscow, was in correspondence with him, participated in the organization of the Monastery of the Transfiguration of the Saviour (in Kurovskoe) at his request. Vasily Gryaznov himself wanted to retire to a monastery, at the height of his commercial and industrial business. He arranged a cell at the factory, where he prayed, read church books, welcomed the poor pilgrims. Labzin and he decided to build a monastery on their factory land. Vasily Gryaznov wrote the claustral rule and planned to become the hegumen of this monastery.

These plans were not destined to come true. On February 16 (March 1), 1869, V.I. Gryaznov died. Thousands of people poured to his funeral. After a short time, he was honored as a saint in the neighborhood, there were healings at his grave… During his lifetime ,Vasily Ivanovich enjoyed great spiritual and moral authority among his contemporaries. He was compared to Father John of Kronstadt by the power of prayer, and the local clergy hoped that his relics would be glorified after death. It is known that his canonization as a righteous man of the Orthodox Church was prepared, but it was prevented by the October Revolution of 1917.

The Labzin-Gryaznov factory was nationalized. Propaganda companies have developed in the country. In 1920, a demonstrative trial over the "religionists" and "exploiters" - the former owners of the factory - took place in Moscow under the decision of the Moscow authorities,. The name of Vasily Gryaznov was profaned, his followers and commercial and industrial business successors were convicted and sentenced to many years of imprisonment with severe manual labor.

Later, the name of Vasily Gryaznov will provoke many gossips, several newspaper and magazine articles about this person will appear, a film will be made, a story written. There is one thing known for certain: this man had a huge impact on the town’s life - not only in the 19th century, but also in the subsequent time.

V.I. Gryaznov, together with a. I. Labzin, created a unique production of shawls and kerchiefs glorifying not only the town, but all of Russia. And today Pavlovsky Posad Manufactory still works stable and produces fine shawls, a school built by the manufacturers stands to this day.

In August 1999, V.I. Gryaznov was canonized by the Russian Orthodox Church as a locally venerated saint, the Righteous Basil of Pavlovsky Posad, by the Moscow diocese.