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shawl «Vernissage»


Multicolor shawl made of thickened woolen fabric with silk fringe "Vernissage", type 14, 148x148cm.

This product continues our new line - a line of collection shawls. The production of such products is intended primarily for collectors and connoisseurs of the Pavlovo Posad craft, who may be interested in unique scarves, that have not been produced for a long time or have not been produced at all before.

For the manufacture of products of the collection series, we will need to re-make the equipment, and restore the image from old scarves in some cases. At the same time, the expected produced quantity of products is small and their production is unprofitable at a regular price. That is why they are priced higher.

Zlata Alexandrovna Olshevskaya is a legendary artist of the Pavlovsky Posad Shawl Manufactory. Her works are part of the history of our craft, one of the brightest pages. The collection of hand-painted shawls has become a unique phenomenon that has raised the art of the Pavlovo Posad shawl to a new height.

The originality of Olszewska's works is distinguished by their courage, expressiveness. Having the traditional character, they are full of new ideas, bright decorative elements, each color is endowed with a content.

We offer the unique wool shawl Z.A. Olszewska "Vernissage", written in 1990 in the technique of hand painting on fabric.

After long negotiations, we reached an agreement with the copyright holder to produce this most wonderful shawl.

For a long period of time, our specialists reconstructed the beauty and style of hand-painted roses in order to recreate the completeness of the figurative perception of this work, in which every detail, motif, color and overall composition are important and add up into the complete picture of the artistic image of Z.A. Olshevskaya.
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Design 1976-14