Viktor Zubritsky

Viktor Zubritsky
Viktor Zubritsky

member of Union of Artists, member of Union of Stylists

State Premium in field of literature and art

Viktor Ivanovich Zubritskiy began his career in 1963 in Pavlovskiy Posad at the 10th Anniversary of Workers’ and Peasants’ Red Army Factory (so then was named Pavlovo Posad Shawl Manufactory) as a copyist of designs. In 1965 he entered the Moscow Textile Institute on the faculty of decorative and applied art.

V.I. Zubritskiy started his exhibition activity in 1973 taking part in the exhibition “Artists of near-Moscow area” of the Union of Artists’ Moscow region section.

For the successful participation in the exhibition “Soviet Russia” in 1975 he was awarded by a memorable medal and an official note from the Ministry of Culture and the Union of Artists of Russia.
Since 1980 V.I. Zubritskiy is a member of the Union of Artists of Russia. In 1981 for the creation of the series of highly artistic shawls V.I. Zubritskiy together with the creative collective of the firm’s artists was conferred the I. Repin State Premium of the RSFSR. V.I. Zubritskiy is a versatile artist. He has a command of various techniques: water-colour, oil, and tempera painting, painting on the ceramic covered by glaze.

Since 1987 Viktor Ivanovich is a member of the Union of Stylists of Russia. In 1996 in the town exhibition hall had a great success a personal exhibition of the artist, at which were presented 42 works in various genres and technique.

During 30 years of creative activity Viktor Ivanovich took part in seventy all-Union, all-Russian, regional, and international exhibitions.

In 1999 for taking part in the elaboration and the introduction into production of the shawl and kerchief collection under the motto “Tradition and Contemporaneity on the Verge of Centuries” together with the creative collective he has become the winner of the national prize in field of design. «Victory». In 2000 V.I. Zubritskiy with a creative group of artists was awarded of the State Premium in field of literature and art.

This year Viktor Ivanovich was awarded by a title of honoured member of Arts Academy with handing of an academy degree. In the artist’s archive there are around 30 various diplomas, honorary notes, letters of thanks for his exhibition activity.

Since 1996 V.I. Zubritskiy has taught a coarse of composition at Pavlovo Posad Experimental Art School for Children. The works created during his creative activity were acquired by 20 museums, among which are world-wide famous: State Historical Museum, State Tretiakov Gallery, State Hermitage, State Historical and CulturalMuseum-Reserve Moscow Kremlin, Kharkov Art Museum, Sebastopol Art Museum.